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Learn about the many successes that you and I have achieved together!


Economic Revitalization takes many forms:

  • Art - Benzaiton Center - Conveyance of the building


  • Tourism and Leisure Activities:
    -New Boat Ramps at Bryant Park
    -Domino Park - new facility opening soon
    -Fought for and assured funding of expansion of Osborne gymnasium
    -New Pavilion and Playground at Osborne Community Center
    -Prevented previous Commission defunding of future 4th of July Fireworks
    -Brought back and funded Veterans Day parade and ceremony


  • New Business Development and Investment:
    -Was the deciding vote to approve new Publix project go ahead
    -$100 -200 M in new investment past two years


  • Increased tax base:
    -Property value increases / outpaced most Palm Beach County municipalities



  • New Roads and Greenways:

          -7th Avenue North, repaved, new sidewalks

          -5th Avenue North Greenway

          -9th and 10th Avenue South Greenways


  • Seimans Performance contract:
    -New citywide LED street lighting / Dark Skies compliant / Installation begin in weeks
    -New solar energy generation of 3 Megawatt
    -City building energy efficiency

         -All at no additional cost to taxpayers or utility customers


  • Park of Commerce: 

        – Acquired necessary Rights of Way to facilitate road reconstruction and infrastructure improvements that will lead to new business development and the creation of 1000's of jobs!


  1. Capital improvement projects:

         - New Water Lines
         - Additional Fire Hydrants


Lake Worth Electric Utility:

         - Initiated ordinance & City policy to attain rate parity with FP&L by 2017

         - Revamped utility deposit policy & reduced utility bill defaults

         - Reduced overall electric rates for residential and commercial customers over last 5 years

         - Of the 39 electric providers in Florida, we are now the 4th lowest in the state           

...One budget cycle away from potentially having the lowest rates in Florida!


Quality of Life:

  1. Code Compliance:
    # of board ups / demos
    new ordinances for code enforcement/compliance


  1. HERO Homeowners Emergency Rehabilitation Ordinance


  1. Aggressive panhandling ordinance


  1. Working on Sober House legislation reform at State and Federal level.





Public Safety:

  • Initiated Bike Registration and Education Program


  • COP program



  • Crime Stats reduction



  • Regular reports to the Commission from PBSO



Strengthened Valued Partnerships:

  1. Repaired strained relationships with local, county, state and federal agencies and officials

  1. Brought LW issues to League of Cities


  • Lake Worth Neighborhoods
    -Attends multiple Neighborhood Association meetings monthly
    -Initiated and Supported Neighborhood Association reports to the Commission
    -Supported Neighborhoods REAP projects (Am a former REAP graduate myself)
    -Volunteers at Neighborhood Clean-ups and Crime walks



Environmental Issues:

  1. Worked with PBC and ERM to install Water planters at Bryant Park

  1. Introduced Snook Islands, projects I and II



City Governmental, Policy and Procedure Improvements:

  • Finalized Land Development Regulations (LDR’s) to assure the all property owners were being treated with a consistant set of building and construction standards
  • Streamlined Permitting and Licensing processes to facilitate projects and save money
  • Vastly improved Utility Customer Service
































Paid By Scott Maxwell for Lake Worth Beach City Commission, District 1

P.O. Box 13   Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33460
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